Licensee Support

Singlobet is now seeking “qualified alliances” worldwide with potential licensees for its novel “Green” dye delivery technology in order to promote the next key stages of its research and development strategies.

The company intends to function primarily as an intellectual property, R&D and product development company, moving products to the marketplace through alliances with world leaders in specific sectors where its innovative delivery technology applies, including water treatment, medicine, coatings and textiles.

Why Licensing?

  1. To meet the legal requirements of regulatory agencies.
  2. To facilitate channel cooperation and protect the Singlobet brand as an asset for Singlobet’s manufacturing partners.
  3. To ensure the performance and quality of products containing SingloTex.
  4. To uphold the integrity and perception of the Singlobet brand.

Who needs to have a License?

  1. Any company that would like to manufacture a product that uses the Singlobet technology in its construction.
  2. Any company that would like to market and sell a product that uses the Singlobet technology in its construction.

How do you obtain a License?

  1. Development – Products must be developed with the assistance and approval of Singlobet Technologies.
  2. Testing – All products must be performance tested and certified by Singlobet prior to marketing.
  3. Licensing – Prior to marketing and selling a product, the customer must enter into a licensing agreement with Singlobet, which includes terms for product labelling, communications and royalty payments.

To initiate discussions regarding potential business opportunities with Singlobet Ltd., please contact:


92 Rolleston Drive
United Kingdom

Phone: 44 (0) 7812 930052





 product that uses the X-Static technology in its construction. 

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